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If we have enough Motorcycle Support in 2017

Our Goal to find a place to have 

Bike Nite Indy

Every weekend - Downtown or anywhere in the Indy area

Big THANKS to ABATE for all that they do

Motorcycles on Meridian

Bike Nite Indy




​​  317-755-2173

Sept 6 - 11 14th Annual Bean Bossom Bikerfest 2016


Week-end event

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Sept 2016

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Motorcycle Events & Rides in Indiana

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Motorcycle Events & Rides in Indiana (Indianapolis, Indy & all cities)

Aug 27 - Motorcycles on Meridian

​Indianapolis, IN

8450 Moller Rd, Indianapolis, IN, United States

Bike Nite Indy is BACK for 2016 !!!!

April 30   -   May 28   -   June 25   -    July 29   -    August 27  -   Sept. 24

Bike Nite Indy is happy to announce that it is back, for the 2016 Summer starting April 30

On the last Saturday of every month starting on April 30 Bike Nite Indy will be at

The Sugar Shack.

Address: 5560 Brookville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Band begins playing at 6pm until 10pm.

We will be getting started at or around 4pm and vendors can stay as long as you like.

The great news for vendors wishing to attend Bike Nite Indy 2016 is that rates have dropped. The down side is if you want to call it one, is that we are limiting space to no larger than 10 x 40. If perhaps vendor participation on a particular date is low, obviously we will work with vendors.

Pricing is as follows: 10 x10 $130 - 10 x 20 $150 -  10 x 30 $170 - 10 x 40 $190

Contact Ron Hoskins for all information regarding this event.